Morning Routine 21 Day Challenge

Morning Routines are what I like to call the "secret sauce" to success. Did you know that the way you start your day has a massive impact on your ultimate success? If you ask any successful person if they follow a morning routine, you'll be surprised that many of them do!

Part of my journey required me to develop and follow a morning routine that would propel me into the direction I saw myself in. Morning routines don't have to be repetitive boring tasks that feels more like a chore than something you look forward to.

Following a morning routine felt great! It eliminated the "rush" factor that was in my "get ready for the day" equation. I just felt like I had things together. Getting my mind set for the day before any distractions from kids, emails or that place we call Social Media left me feeling more energized and focused.

I've decided to create a 21 Day Morning Routine Challenge that will allow you to see the benefits of how powerful it can be to implement a morning routine into your day to day schedule. 

Here are a few tips to help you create your own morning routine that you will love and enjoy doing everyday:

1. Be realistic - Don't create a list of things to do that will turn you away rather than pull you in.

2. Make it work for you - Create a flow that is conducive to your work/home life.

3. Be flexible - If you create a list of things and after following it for a day or two and it isn't working like you planned, just tweak it until it flows just the way you want it to.

4. Have fun - Add things that makes you smile or put you in the mood to get the day going. Create your favorite relaxing music playlist, light your favorite scented candle, brew your favorite cup of tea.

I've added some FREE printables to help you create your morning routine and track your progress. Look under the Downloads section and download it today!

Don't forget to tag us on Instagram in your IG Story of you filling out your tracker or calendar!

I will hold random drawings!! You could be a winner!




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