5 Side Hustles for Moms

Short on cash and need to find ways to generate some income? ⁣

Theses are my top 5 ways to start adding 💵 into your bank account:⁣

1. Provide a Service: whether it’s cutting hair, hair braiding, facials, nails, massages, if you’re good at it why not? ⁣

2. YouTube: if you like to share information or just want to create great content then this is perfect for you! There’s so many different things to discuss and an audience who’s interested in watching it. Trust me.⁣

3. Teach: you can teach online from the comforts of your home to students overseas. Check online to see what works best for you!⁣

4. Serve: as a former server(Red Lobster ), this is the easiest thing to do and can be very rewarding. You can make money fast in a short amount of time. ⁣

5. Trading Forex: this one may time you some time to learn however, depending on how much time you put in will determine the rate of your earnings. ⁣

Each side hustles I listed above is very flexible. You can make your own schedule for each. ⁣

Don’t be pressured to be stuck in a certain field. ⁣

Step out on faith and let’s secure the 💰. ⁣

That’s what we moms do ✅. ⁣

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