5 Day Goal Getter Challenge

The odjective of this challenge is to teach you how you are able to create goals and the steps you need to take to crush the goals that you set for yourself.

For the next 5 days, take a photo of you completing each daily challenge.

Use hashtag #manifestingbabe and tag us @thedivrashoppe so we can see your post/story.

Here are the daily challenges:

Day 1 - Write your goal down in your journal.

Day 2 - Break your goal down into smaller actionable tasks.

Day 3 - Create a visual!

Examples are: mood board, vision board, screensaver, backdrop

Day 4 - Use a daily planner to organize your day.

Day 5 - Get to work & share your wins!

 Completed all challenges? Send me a DM on Instagram letting me know you've complete this challenge and I'll send you a special discount code!

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