The Story Behind The Divra Shoppe

My name is Guerline and I created The Divra Shoppe after I experienced a shift in the way my mind operated. I always focused on the negative things in my life. Granted, I was thankful for a lot of things but failed to realize the power of the Law of Attraction. I was attracting negative things to my life because that's what I focused on. Once I took control over my thoughts, I immediately was able to attract the things I truly wanted. I was blown away! I knew that there were other women out there who were just like me, a wife, mother, and entrepreneur who needed to find the secret to success, the ultimate formula to fulfilling our dreams and taking care of our families at the same time.
I decided to launch an authentic lifestyle that teaches and encourages women how to improve their current mindset. The Divra Shoppe also provides beneficial resources and fashionable apparel to match this new lifestyle. I can guarantee to you that when you leave this site you will feel uplifted and encouraged.
I proudly welcome you to The Divra Shoppe, a motivational, inspirational, lifestyle shoppe.

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