How to Start Scripting | Powerful Law of Attraction Technique

Have you ever used this technique: Scripting?⁣

Don't be intimidated, it's pretty easy.⁣

You'll be surprised on how easy this powerful technique is.⁣

Here are my quick and easy tips on how you can start Scripting today!⁣

1. Environment

Start with a quiet, calm, relaxing environment where you are able to freely write without any distractions.

2. Gratitude

Give thanks to God for everything you currently have and what you are manifesting.

3. Write in the NOW

Start writing about your future as if you already hold what it is you are manifesting.

Incorporate your emotions/feelings in your writing.

4. Start Speaking

Read everything you just wrote out loud. Speak it out into the universe.

Feel every emotion that you have written. Joy, excitement, happiness! Feel it all while you are reading your journal entry.

5. Repeat & Elaborate

Don't worry if you miss a key detail. Re-write your journal entry the next day. Addanything you felt like you missed.

Add conversations and tasks that you are taking, add your mood you wish to be in, the weather, etc.


That's pretty much it! Don't worry if you feel like you've missed some portions. As you continue to write in your journal on a daily basis, you will be able to get better. 

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